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iPhone 6 might be a bust!

I’m not on the cycle to upgrade, but I do have a bunch of friends that have one and I have to say that Apple might have fucked up on this round. First of all, it is not a sturdy phone. The aluminum on the back dents incredibly easily. I’m talking about by the very jack for the headphones they ship with is causing the damage! So buying a case is an absolute must. And as you all know the iPhone 6+ bends.

I also upgraded to iOS 8 on my iPhone 5S and it is quite buggy. I expected there to be bugs but it feels to me like they did everything they possibly could just to get to market on cycle. And call me old-fashioned but I really don’t understand this trend toward larger phones. The iPhone 4 was the perfect size and I had trouble adjusting to the five. Now there are even larger phones and when my upgrade comes around next year I am not sure that I’m going to get a six in the first place.

I do love the Apple ecosystem and the only thing I really hate about iCloud and iCloud for the web is the approach to email. But then again; I hate email as a form of communication and use chat services or a good old call as much as possible. But that’s a whole ‘nother thing. Just wanted to note that I don’t plan to leave but I am not exactly excited for next year. Hope they make an iPhone 6 mini, or something! Either that, or I’m getting an iPad mini with LTE and living on a Google number. Might as well go whole hog at that point!

I don’t vote conservative because the organizations they maintain don’t have any goals or plans that I think are interesting or that I agree with.

IBHW 56: Walkers Vs. Drivers »

“Too many companies focus on the “let’s try to get the biggest market cap” and that doesn’t drive people. You know, I was at Compaq at a time where the objective was to become a 40 billion dollar company. Well, employees don’t get excited about that. This isn’t something you wake up and you go “I’m gonna take the hill today and do forty…” And you know - it’s just not that. But changing the world; these are the things that people work for. This pushes people.”

Tim Cook, interviewed by Charlie Rose

Combat Climate Change March

I am incredibly proud of the 300K+ that came out to rally for a meaningful response to climate change. The time for recognition of the issue is beyond. It’s time for significant action. So Washington, you better get to it, cause New York City said so.