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Fuck Ray Rice

There’s no reason, none, to strike someone, even if they are angry with you. From what I saw in the video, she posed no real threat and he completely cold cocked the supposed love of his life. How can you love this person and be capable of imposing pain, embarrassment, shame and other emotions on the person you claim to love. Punch yourself! In the balls!

This guy should not be allowed to play in the NFL at all. This is not the kind of person who needs to be seen on TV. If the team he plays for has any balls, at all, they would try to get him off the team as soon as possible, and suck up the costs. If this is what the price is for talent, it’s not worth what it will cost in how it haunts you.

“Had some cereal today after about five years of not having any and it was amazing. Kashi in almond milk for the win.”

“We take a lot of what we’re talking about in science on faith; we posit a theory, and until it’s disproven we have faith that it’s true. If the mathematics work out, then it’s true, until it’s proven to be untrue.”

– Morgan Freeman

“I hate that bros have destroyed the original use of dude.”

“If your boyfriend looks a lot like George R.R. Martin, YOU ARE TOO INTO GAME OF THRONES.”

Just heard that people are torrenting Netflix shows. Seriously? Get a job!