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And now ESPN moves it back. This is so fucking stupid. Why pay to be able to cover this sport when there is such a thing as tennis channel that can do a better job? I’ll tell you. ESPN doesn’t care about tennis. They just care about the revenue dollars and force the folks that follow the sport to deal with subpar and disrespectful coverage.

So ESPN moves the ladies tennis final at the western and southern open so they could continue to show a game of the little league World Series, a bunch of kids who aren’t professional players and most likely won’t be professional players, and then shows commercials for said World Series while I’m watching the women’s final, where one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams, is playing, a professional player with 15+ years in the tour. I’m not saying we shouldn’t show kids play but this is just to illustrate our country’s lack of priorities when it comes to sports. This is why kids get big dreams in their eyes and then live depressed lives, that these others kids are being made money on. At least the professional players know what they signed up for.

I fucking hate Disqus

I would plea with the internet to stop using it as it’s a clunky platform, but it’s too ingrained and has no competitor. Why do I hate it?

1. It never remembers me. I typically have to sign in to my twitter account, and then it passed me to my Disqus account to sign in, and I was just in a few days ago. What’s the point of having me sign in twice, especially if I’ve authorized the app MULTIPLE TIMES! If I’m signed into Twitter, that fact should pass through the API and that’s it!

2. It crashes constantly. Case in point, after suffering through the double log in to post my comment, the Disqus part of the page just started disappearing. I decided to refresh the page, and yeah, my bad for not copying the comment, but my comment was gone, and then I realized I was better off not participating in the discussion if it was going to be this difficult.

3. I have absolutely no reason to login to Disqus. I have no use for it. All I want to do is post a comment on an article I read on a blog I like. That’s it. What do I need to do in Disqus? I get email alerts anyway, and I’m going to want to go back to the article page, not to Disqus anyway.

So that’s it. I’m not using this garbage software anymore. I’d rather be silent.

Okay, I’m psyched for Reaper of Souls on console.

This morning I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever posted on my obsession with Diablo III. I share this obsession with my fiancĂ© and a couple we know. I guess you could say we are an informal clan as we have no name but usually play online together. We are planning to rock out Act V together this next weekend and avenge Tyriel.

When we first started I chose the Monk and she chose the Demon Hunter, which, in hindsight, is a fantastic combo. I recommend to people playing together that one of you run as a melee character and the other as a ranged character, as the game gives challenges that are sometimes better for the melee member to handle and other times better for the ranger to take up. We loved our characters so much we actually went as versions of them for Halloween with spare costume parts since I don’t think we found anything premade, and of course that’s not the point, if you know how the game works. We got the gear we could find and went out and people loved it, having no idea what we even were, which seemed original. Unexpectedly, a few people in the street picked up on what we were. That was cool. I originally played a sweeping wind build that focused on dropping a wave of light, but then switched to 7 sided strike for Master 3+. I’ve gotten much better gear and am looking to return with a 360 fire sweeping wind and wave of light build. That Maximus has been begging for some action. Yeah it’s got a socket. I’m good. Anyone have a marquis dex gem plan, though?

Next go around we decided to do a Barbarian and Wizard pair, I, of course, the Barbarian. ROAR!! I think we agree that we like the original classes we chose better, but nonetheless still had fun playing these. Leap is easily my favorite skill, so much! Love being in groups of people and just leaping to the next platform and being like, I got this, see you in a minute. However, I am running a seismic slam build now and had to drop the leap to help strengthen the build. We’ve been key and ring hunting with these new characters as well and have just been building them up to be as strong as our first run classes. I think we’re at that point now and are prepped for Act V torment.

We decided that given the new class and an un-chosen class, Crusader and Witch Doctor, respectively, that we would run through the whole game from the start with fresh characters, since there’s apparently a few new tweaks to the gameplay, and it gives us a chance to run through the story one more time. I think the story was pretty fantastic, and having forgot the story of the past games, it was an awesome set of surprises and interesting asides from characters later on. The strength of the voices (I do a great Monk impression) also helped the story and I’m excited to hear new nephalem voices stand as the only voice of reason and berate the Mayor of Horus anew. And of course, the requisite color coordinating of magic and rare items until stocked with legendaries, which, we’ve been collecting for our new pair of classes. Plus crafting awesome items we picked up plans for in the past that have yet to see our use.

This time around I’ll be the ranger and rock the Witch Doctor, which is actually the character I most wanted to play with when the game was first announced for PC (yeah, I waited for console, though). The spells are so rad, and although I’m much more comfortable being in the fray rather than managing AoE, I’m also a natural kite player and expect that I’ll be kiting like mad. Call me the Kite Killah! I will try to run a build that doesn’t focus on pets, but of course, in the early stages will be trying everything.

Death to Diablo. Same to the Reaper of Souls. Survive and rejoice, Sanctuary. The Nephalem return!