The concept of the alpha has been outdated since 2009, stupid.

This is all from Wikipedia, but I placed in the original links to the information that forms the salient points in the article. The notion of the alpha, beta and omega comes from observations in dog related families and started with wolves, which one guy unintentionally popularized in the 1970s and had rescinded in 1999 and further explained in 2009. In other words, it doesn’t apply to humans in the first place, and second, the guy who researched and wrote about it rescinded it because he realized he was wrong. Not that humans would cling to this notion, misunderstand, then use it as a means to make people feel like shit.
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"It was believed that in each pack there would be an "alpha" leader, a second in command, the "beta", and at the lowest rank, the "omega". Current research suggests that this is a misconception and that the "leaders" of the pack are actually the biological parents of the young pups in the pack."

"This study (in 2010) suggested that there is an age-related dominance hierarchy based on the observation that adolescent dogs frequently submitted to their elders. Young pups were submissive to adolescents as well as the adults. The researchers concluded that a display of submissive behavior was the best measure of dominance. This information conflicts with the long-held belief that dogs use aggressive behavior to dominate others and supports the notion that the leaders of a pack are most often the breeding male parent and breeding female parent."

"International wolf expert and research scientist L. David Mech[46] has rescinded his concept of the "Alpha" based on 13 years of natural observation. Mech asserts that the concept of the "alpha" is outdated and that new research shows that in the wild, wolves achieve their position by becoming a breeding parent. Mech’s research supports the notion that canids form nuclear families that live together through cooperation, not aggression. He suggests that dominance and aggression are not the same."

A lot of people think that they see alphas, betas and omegas in domesticated dogs. This has been found to be untrue: “In a longitudinal study of domestic canine behavior and their social organization, Alexandra Semyonova[47] concluded that there is no social ranking or dominance hierarchy in domestic dogs. A hierarchy among domestic dogs is an illusion placed upon them by human fantasy.”

I would thus put it forth that we don’t fucking talk about this clearly now defunct theory. Yes, science can still be wrong in the future. For instance, until bacteria were discovered, it was generally believed that doctors delivering babies could do so with their bare hands as they were considered noble, and nobles could not infect a child. Thousands and thousands of children and their mothers regularly died after birth because of illness.

"I’m a competent clinician — as is every hospitalist who staffs our nonteaching service — but I know I raise my game when I work with residents and students. They make me better — even now, after all these years."

I think we really need to realize that, yes, July is the month when the interns arrive at a hospital, but these are the kids that are the freshest in terms of knowledge and competency, the most recent literature and techniques, and they just need to get comfortable being on the job.

How did you get your experience at your job?
Didn’t you make mistakes?
Didn’t a seasoned doctor make a mistake in your care?
Aren’t we human?
Why don’t these kids get a chance at getting experience?

PrObAtiOnAry Driver License restrictiOns
• No driving between 11:01 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.1
• No using hand-held or hands-free cell phones or any other electronic devices.
• Passengers are limited to dependants of the probationary license holder
and one additional person, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.
• Probationary license holder and all passengers must wear seat belts.
• Must display decals on license plate