iOS 7 Right Now.

Is it going to change your life? Who knows. The issue is the commitment to Apple’s design really. I was thinking about doing a reset on the services I use with Apple and going back to an all Google or varied services model, but Siri works best at getting things done within the Apple ecosystem. So I’m gonna stick with it for now. My mail is not so crazy that it needs to be handled in any dramatic fashion, and although the manual threading is annoying, I’m sure something will happen down the line to alleviate that. It’s honestly not the worst thing in the world, and everything else works so well.

I’m about to download the new operating system and I’m excited to see the new design, which I’m already seeing in Thank god for this, actually, because the notes is actually nice to look at, and there aren’t three dumb font options. I just want a place that’s comforting to jot down something, not a place to avoid and ignore.

I’m working iTunes as we speak to get this transformation going, but the program is reporting that there is no update for my phone. Did they put a cap on this thing? I’m just gonna keep trying. Good luck to everyone else trying to download right now!

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Summer Slaughter Fest 2013 NYC

T’was pretty good. I have to say right out that I love the Best Buy Theater. I enjoy the space and layout, with a pit, standing room, and nice seats where a drink waiter will walk by. I’ve never been in the VIP area, but it also looks nice with what I believe to be Parisian black steel wrought chairs and tables for couples. Perfect for a night of metal. It was mostly kids with their parents, though, from what I could tell.

My one complaint would be that, while the sound is always good, this night the sound guy blasted the bass on the kick drum, rendering the rest of each band nearly unheard. This was especially bad for DEP, the sort of band that has so much shit going on, it’s hard enough to keep track. They are that odd sort of metal band that needs more of a jazz rig to be heard right.

DEP was fantastic as usual, Ben and Greg running around all hyped as if they’re just about to start a fight or a play on a football field. Ben was jumping up crazy high onto the speaker cabs and then jumping down onto the stage. He always does this and does this several times, but this time the drummer was on a platform, and he was jumping off the kick drum, too. Nuts. And Greg is doing this new thing now where he stuffs a mic in his mouth for part of a song, which is pretty bizarre in its result, although it sounds just like what you would think. A guy screaming into a mic while it is in his mouth. At the end of the show both of them got into the crowd and smashed some shit as usual. Greg lost his shirt and looked ripped as hell.

Periphery was great, too and I was really interested in seeing how they handle the presentation of three guitarists, a vocalist, bassist and drummer. Their drummer is a gigantic man - not overweight, just very tall and well built for dragon slaying. I love Misha Mansoor and his interactions with the fans and his bandmates. He’s all smiley and having fun up there. Just a great vibe from them. They move around on stage but the frontman definitely works the stage, which is great because their material is pretty complicated.

The Ocean was swell but didn’t play as long as I would have liked. Really only got about 4/5 songs in. I hear that their vocalist is trying to keep it easy since recovering from his medical condition. Animals as Leaders were completely perfect, as usual, and I get a kick out of how everyone in the crowd became continually more tuned in and spaced out. They dug that shit. Cattle Decapitation was swell, too and totally intense.

I’m pretty much fucking done with Norma Jean. They’re a baffling band to have been a part of this tour and they sort of treated it as if it was a summer festival with alternative kids doing water bottle and guitar flying tricks I’ve seen a thousand times. I watch them and I’m witnessing metal core collapse. The lead singer just comes off as an insincere asshole, which I’m fine with, but he’s also not interesting. Constantly complaining about the monitors, he broke a mic he probably didn’t need to, and then after all that, when it came time to sing, he sucked. Mind you he complained about the monitors during parts of their work where he is screaming in monotone fashion, and that kind of shit is just not cool. They just seemed totally unprofessional and probably couldn’t give two shits about having shared a stage with classic artists and new kings of prog and technical metal. Norma Jean is prog and somewhat technical but in a more subtle way and this wasn’t the right crowd for them. Also not cool - telling people to buy your merch ASAP because they have to be off on the road by 8:30. Matter of fact the vocalist never stopped promoting and I get it - you’re all DIY, but who wasn’t on that stage, if not then then at some point? You look pathetic. You made an album, something new and you’re giving people shit about it, screaming that the band isn’t a jukebox. But you love your fans and they are all wonderful people. Kill me. I wish I could have left the venue and come back when they were safely on their bus.

I think the best thing I saw all night aside from the music and performances was one vocalist from a death metal band who sounded exactly like Cookie Monster, even when he was just talking between songs. Best part: whenever there was a section in a song where he wasn’t singing and it was really fast and heavy, he pretended that his mic was was his dick and jerked it off. Actually better than that was his cat call to all the ‘fine looking ladies’ and requesting their presence at the merch booth. Yeah, a guy who jerks with his mic isn’t getting any in this town.

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"Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going."

Jim Rohn
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The Game Is Fixed

How to ruin a country via big business ideals:

1. Poorly compensate employees who do the ground work to reduce the quality of products and services.

2. Continuously raises the prices of products and services, while cheapening material costs in order to increase profitability.

3. Out source and off shore jobs within the company, further reducing the quality of products and services.

4. Hold monies outside of the country to avoid tax liabilities.

5. When profits decline, cut jobs within the company in order to maintain profitability.

6. Insanely overcompensate employees at the top for a job well done!

7. When profitability declines, cut on overhead, cut more jobs, and right when the bottom is about to give out, sell the company off.

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Who reads old tweets?

Curious as to why I’m of the mind that captures shit after the fact. It’s an outmoded way of thinking by today’s standards. You post as it happens, and never really look back. I wonder if the kids do look at their twitter again maybe a year later and just try to scroll through their old tweets. It seems incredible that all that data just sits there, for the purpose of maybe archiving a past when it matters much farther down the road and is only source material, tons of similar reading source material, for someone else to write a history out of. Twitter just seems very wasteful to me, or rather, anecdotal rather than poignant. It fits a human need in general daily discourse pretty well. It disseminates regular flow.

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Earth Scientists Pin Climate Change Squarely On 'Humanity' : NPR 

I mean, honestly, how can humanity grow to the size it has and not have had an impact on climate? In the last seventy plus years we have mass produced all kinds of unnatural products - and created an over abundance of a certain natural product - CO2. Billions of people on the planet and we would have no significant effect? Stop kidding me. Recall how we got out atmosphere the way it is in the first place - billions of plants swarming the planet.

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"Never tell anyone anything, ever."

Ernest Hemingway
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demonstrator: Vengeance 


I consider myself to be a pacifist. I do have anger issues, but I don’t run around getting into fist fights or calculated ways of getting back at someone, and I pretty much quit hurling insults in favor of a witty comeback or trying to understand the other person’s perspective. I won’t speak to my…

Looks like I got what I wanted.

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I consider myself to be a pacifist. I do have anger issues, but I don’t run around getting into fist fights or calculated ways of getting back at someone, and I pretty much quit hurling insults in favor of a witty comeback or trying to understand the other person’s perspective. I won’t speak to my efficacy on those fronts, but the Boston Bomber has me thinking.

I am not sad. I want death upon the transgressor.

It’s a horrible thing to think but it was my very first thought. I am tired of this, and tired for the American populace. You see, even though we all know of the horrors that round our world, we tend to compartmentalize them because we do not see them every day. We are Americans, we are supposed to be ahead of the curve by being respectful and tolerant thanks to our concept of and concepts for democracy, and their derivatives thereof. But this is not the case, is it?

Each and every person had a right to live and if you believe that, you automatically subscribe yourself to not having the right to kill. I have to counter that. Everyone has the right to live and the right to kill and it is the circumstances that justify us. The bottom line is - if we believe these things, we shouldn’t see tragic events like this happen, even though we know that dark and dire circumstances have taken place an will continue to do so to have these folks hurt or dead. Permanently disabled - another number the media never states. I want to know how many dead, how many injured, how many permanently so. Not reporting that makes the numbers seem lighter or the event not as shocking.

We need to be shocked. It’s part of our human make up. We ascribe ourselves little thrills and shocks in the absence of predatory existences. So is it a shock I want the Boston Bomber dead? Do I have that right?

It’s a feeling really - that this sort of thing doesn’t happen here. On our ‘soil’. It does. And what does it deserve, other than misinformed media coverage?

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